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The rules on towing a caravan, trailer or horsebox

Do you have a licence to drive?

All drivers who passed a car test before 1 January 1997 retain their existing entitlement to tow trailers. This means they are generally entitled to drive a vehicle and trailer combination up to 8.25 tonnes. Described hereafter as MAM (Maximum Authorized Mass). This was previously known as gross trainweight. They also have entitlement for a minibus with a trailer over 750kgs.

If you passed your car driving test (category B) after the 1st January 1997, you are only entitled to tow a combined (car + trailer) weight of up to 4.25 tonnes MAM with a gross trailer weight of 750kgs.

However if the gross weight of your trailer is to exceed 750Kg (which is permitted) then your allowed MAM is reduced to 3.5 tonnes. If this is the combination you choose then the gross trailer weight must not exceed the unladen weight of the towing vehicle or the manufactures recommended max trailer weight.